Life Lesson from Angel : Episode 4

It’s very surprising! Who is she? Where has she come from? Is she the supernatural power? Is she an angel? Is she a God in the form of the mother? I don’t have answers to any of these. But one thing I know for sure – she understands everything without me saying anything. She exactly knows who am I. She knows what I am good at. She knows what I am bad at. She knows what I am fearful of. She knows each and every bit of me so much so that she forgets who she is.

One day morning I was wandering, feeling restless. Without questioning, she understood what exactly was going on in my mind. She directly said, “Is that a new design assignment which is troubling you?” I was dumbstruck. “How did she come to know?”, I wondered. The emotion which I was holding for so long was unmasked in the blink of an eye. I broke down. She called me beside her and explained me, “Fear will always keep you away from trying challenging things. Try things with happiness and keep the carefree attitude. Tell others that you get pressurized when people pounce on you to get things done. Tell them you are vulnerable to certain things. But at the same time put you heart and mind entirely in solving the problem. If you ain’t able to solve, don’t get demoralized. Ask for one more day. Ask people if you don’t understand anything. Communicate with them. Handle it courageously. Running away from things is not the solution. Life will always look messy until you get your hands dirty and remove the mess.”.

This was one of the life lessons which I learned from my mom. My heart got relaxed from her warmth and at the same time my body was all warmed up to get me started!

Love you maa 🙂

Life Lesson from Angel : Episode 4

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