Life Lesson from Angel : Episode 4

It’s very surprising! Who is she? Where has she come from? Is she the supernatural power? Is she an angel? Is she a God in the form of the mother? I don’t have answers to any of these. But one thing I know for sure – she understands everything without me saying anything. She exactly knows who am I. She knows what I am good at. She knows what I am bad at. She knows what I am fearful of. She knows each and every bit of me so much so that she forgets who she is.

One day morning I was wandering, feeling restless. Without questioning, she understood what exactly was going on in my mind. She directly said, “Is that a new design assignment which is troubling you?” I was dumbstruck. “How did she come to know?”, I wondered. The emotion which I was holding for so long was unmasked in the blink of an eye. I broke down. She called me beside her and explained me, “Fear will always keep you away from trying challenging things. Try things with happiness and keep the carefree attitude. Tell others that you get pressurized when people pounce on you to get things done. Tell them you are vulnerable to certain things. But at the same time put you heart and mind entirely in solving the problem. If you ain’t able to solve, don’t get demoralized. Ask for one more day. Ask people if you don’t understand anything. Communicate with them. Handle it courageously. Running away from things is not the solution. Life will always look messy until you get your hands dirty and remove the mess.”.

This was one of the life lessons which I learned from my mom. My heart got relaxed from her warmth and at the same time my body was all warmed up to get me started!

Love you maa 🙂

Life Lesson from Angel : Episode 4

Flying in the “MacBook” air

It’s never about the amount of money you put in to buy a product, its all about the feelings associated with it. Hence I always believe in welcoming things with positivity and hope. And I  really hope that it changes my life for better.

Feeling Powerful with MacBook Air 🙂 🙂 🙂


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Flying in the “MacBook” air

My Life Lessons: Episode 3

It was a long, tiring day after a journey from home to office and back to home. Head was bursting out and body was heated with fever. It seemed as if medicines had lost all its healing powers. Eyes were shutting down and body was hypnotized. Soon I landed into my dream world.

I was sitting on a bench waiting for someone to come. The chocolate in one hand was melting and on the other hand I was trying to call.The phone was ringing but no one picked up the call. After sometime, the sweet voice replied, “Just wait for 2 mins, will be reaching soon.” Hours past by and I was waiting and waiting. I didn’t even eat my favorite chocolate. I wanted to share it (for the first time I ever thought so). Then all of sudden two people passed by and said ,” Your wait is never gonna get over,you are no more needed now and they are happy without you. Those were the false promises that you were living with so long.” They laughed and left; making joke of mine. I didn’t believed what they said. Not because they were wrong but just because I didn’t want to accept it. Then I got a call saying, “Sorry, it won’t be possible to come”. I heard some commotion. The sound of music and some known, heard voices of betrayal. The chocolate fell on ground and the phone got cut….beep beep beep.

I woke up with jerk, sweating profusely. I really feel now I don’t require to put an alarm clock. My nightmares and dreams are enough to wake me up.

Have you ever thought that life would be so different if certain things wouldn’t have happened. Ah,to frame it other way if certain things would have happened. I never thought so before I got that dream.You exist until you are capable of holding your image. The moment you lose it, everything is lost.Choices of people can change anytime. It doesn’t mean that you have to change accordingly.People are always attracted to beauty, glamour and fame. It is so much of a compulsion now-a-days.Yes…so you need to be beautiful-the beauty of being good at heart, you need to be glamorous- the glamour of being simple and you need to be famous- the fame where you think more about others than yourself. These are the qualities which will stay forever. The words are same but the feelings that comes along with it is so different. It all depends on how you wanna make yourself feel. And amongst all these experiences I have learnt one more thing that…

Rejection doesn’t  hurt, expectation does.

Lying doesn’t kill, denial does.

Forgetting doesn’t heal, forgiveness does.

PS: This is the 100th post of mine on the blog. Hope it helps you to learn your life lessons from my experiences. Share your moments…share your life.


My Life Lessons: Episode 3

My Life Lessons: Episode 2

Writing this section after really long time but was waiting for a right moment to come and yes it has arrived.I had decided one thing. Enough of writing things that depicts pathetic mental state and sadness. But then when things aren’t working well in your life in terms of career and your personal life then that negativity, that bitterness, that sorrow tends to get reflected in your writings. How much ever you try to be positive, being a human being you get vulnerable to the situation.

Well, now concentrating on good things (it came after really long time). No day could have been so beautiful and happy other than mother’s day. I was lucky to “finally” get placed in a company (rather a start-up) where I wanted to work. The dream had finally come true. It was two days long interview process trying to judge us on logic, mathematical aptitude, algorithms and coding skills.

DAY 1:

I still remember this day. The pre-placement talk was about to begin at 12. But none of the TPC’S (Training and placements co-ordinator) had come to escort the guy who was going to talk and explain us about the company. I was standing near the entrance and soon realized that the sir was searching for placement office and couldn’t find it. So I approached him and directed him towards the office. That time I never knew this-“I was not guiding him , in fact he was guiding me to reach my destination.”

He started on philosophical note; about how young people or college grads should think about their prospective future. Some highlights about delayed gratification, getting exposure and experience, being the producer and not just consuming things. The best example he gave was about the writer, that they produce things because that’s something they do on their own. This was the most impressive point he made and as usual my heart gets inclined when people discuss about things I am passionate about. This was a unique kind of pre-placement talk, one which I had never seen or heard before. Then he started to talk about the company and the projects they were working on. Again the most amazing part of it was that he actually showed and explained the projects they worked on. His words literally got registered in my mind.

The process was open for all candidates with no bar on aggregate and no aptitude test. It started with interviews and I was second one to give it. The first interview was just warm-up types, asking general questions and solving maths problems and logic behind it. It was good and I hoped to get selected for next round and I did. Out of 30-40 students only 4 of us got selected.

The next round was logical test where we were given 3 problems and we had to write algorithms, draw visual representation of data and draw tables for database. The problems were quite challenging and interesting as well. It continued for 3-4 hours until we gave up on last problem. Out of 4 of us, 3 got selected for final round which took place at their office. We were given two books to study and prepare before we gave our final round which was held 10 days latter.

DAY 2:

It was morning 8 o’clock and I was so tired previous day that I was in no mood to go and give the last round which would continue for entire day. But the dream to become something in life motivated me to get up out of the bed and give a try. I reached office and soon were given a problem. We were suppose to code the solution for the problem and it all started in full swing. Again the best part was that the sir guided us in between and checked the progress. We had lunch together and a small introduction about other people working out there. Then we were given second problem to solve. This one was time consuming and could implement it only partially. We coded for entire day from morning 9 till evening 8 but there was not even a tinge of tiredness. I felt fresh and rejuvenating. Mind was actually working and it had found the purpose. Soon sir discussed with other employees in the company and came out with the offer letter in his hand. He told me that I was selected. I was in shock and wasn’t expecting that he will declare result on the spot. I was used to hear from company saying that we will decide and then let you know. Still couldn’t believe that I was placed. I was dumbstruck.

What I believe is that no one can take your talent from you, no one can take back your goodness from you. It’s you who decide how you want to be. People are just puppets, preparing you for the life’s drama. If you meet good people be grateful to them and preserve them. If you meet bad ones be grateful to them twice because without them you wouldn’t have been so strong and accepted challenges. Today I thank each and every person in my life for whatever role they played. Amongst all those problems and difficulties that I faced in my life, I learnt many things- never forgetting to hope for better, keeping positive attitude and strong belief in myself. I love that person who said, ”Everything happens for good.” Because if you are good then you will get good. Though its hard to digest this fact because getting good is not always easy as giving good. But wait for right time and see, magic happens.So here one more episode of my life ends but this time on good note. 🙂

My Life Lessons: Episode 2

My life lessons:Episode 1

Part 1:

The good news had arrived. Another opportunity was knocking my door. The news of one of the dream company coming to our campus, for recruitment, had arrived. So will I be able to make it? Lets see…

Everyone wanted to get the dream job. Some people were moving here and there asking doubts to each other while some of them were trying to revise the formulae, while there were some who were just giggling and chilling out. There was still half an hr remaining for aptitude to start. It was 11 am, the instructor came and informed us about the formalities to be filled on paper. It was 60 mins test containing 60 MCQ’s. The clock reached 11.15 am and our test started. Soon the paper was in my hand and I started solving questions. There were questions ranging from all sections- verbal reasoning to logical reasoning to quants, all of them of advanced difficulty level. It seemed that time was running very fast and soon the one hour was over. My paper was not up to the mark, not the way I had thought it would be, couldn’t solve quite a few questions and had to mark them randomly. I was not satisfied.

We came out of the exam room. People started discussing all questions. I was in no mood to discuss and started walking towards my destination.(as of now my Home sweet Home)

Part 2:

Next day morning I woke up and immediately turned on my wi-fi to check whether the result was declared or not but there wasn’t any message. Thoughts started popping in my mind. I gave an apti which was probably a bad one, time consuming and some of them left unattempt. I didn’t know whether I will make it or not. And if yes, then will I be able to ace the interviews. My mind was saying “NO” while my heart hoping for a “YES”. I was in ambivalent state, not knowing whom to listen. I was in a very pathetic situation, thinking and thinking constantly. But I was still high on my hopes.

I came back from my lost world as soon as my mom called me. I had my final year university exams 2 days after and hadn’t started studying for it. I took the book which read “Artificial Intelligence”-by Russell, and started studying. How much did I try but couldn’t concentrate. I switched my cell on and off every 2 hrs but there were no news of shortlisted candidates. My mind bounced back to the “thought world”. Again I started thinking about how my future would be, what was waiting for me- something good or something bad and many such things that randomly started flowing in my mind. In short, I was suffering from thought attack.

Part 3:

Two days were over and it was time to give another exam-My final year BE-Engineering exams. I wasn’t prepared much for it but with the help of few friends and little bit of studies I had prepared just enough to pass. This was not usually how I used to prepare for any of  my exams. But this time circumstances were different. I literary felt that all my intelligence was drained and I would really need to buy an “artificial” one, after all the paper also demanded that.

Ah! It was 11 am yet again. The paper was of 3 hrs duration. The bell rang and I started writing. The paper was pretty manageable. I mean quite a lot of questions were repeated from past year papers. It convinced me to pass with an average marks. The paper got over at 2. People were more worried about aptitude result than about exams because if we cleared then we were supposed to give our interviews on the very next day. I asked people at training and placement office but they had no clue.

I left from college. On my way  back, I received a call from my friend. What do you think could have been the result? (if you are guessing that the reason for sharing this experience is probably because I passed, then you are wrong). Yes, I didn’t clear the aptitude test. It was a moment where my heart was defeated badly by my mind. But this time I had decided: I’m not going to cry, in fact never ever I’m gonna cry. I had made my mind very strong. Held all my feelings very tightly, and decided that I will be so strong that I will work harder and get what I want-my DREAM JOB-its only then I’m gonna cry, not because of my sadness or failure but because of happiness. Yes it requires lot of courage to say this and even more to do it.

Well, this is not the end of my life lessons though it may be end of this episode. I have much more to achieve, many things to be done. Every moment of your life is some lesson to be learnt. I learnt to develop positive attitude which is the most important thing to have if you fail in your life. Keep trying hard and get a step closer to your success. Throw all your negative feelings out, remain focused and leave the rest to God. Enough said, it’s time to do it so till then stay tuned.

My life lessons:Episode 1